2017 Change of Focus

Dear clients,

I have recently made the difficult decision to stop accepting website projects so that I can focus more on Linux server and embedded development. 

Reasons for my decision:

  • Reflects my current workload: Over the last 2-3 years, I have spent more time working on Linux/ Python projects than I have on MODX or other web projects.
  • Increases my availability: I have been turning down new projects for a while now. By narrowing my focus and reducing my workload, I will be more available to the clients who need me the most. 
  • Improves my skills: There is not much left for me to learn about MODX development, but Linux development is a very broad and challenging field that gives me room to grow.
  • An opportunity: I have a mentor who is an expert in embedded and automation development, and I want to make the most of the opportunity of working with and learning from him.

I will continue to provide the following web development services:

  • Emergency MODX/ e-commerce support (at a higher rate)
  • Basic web hosting - for existing clients only
  • Answering questions and describing your website structure to a replacement web developer (no charge)
  • Web development in connection with a Linux or Python project

Grey Sky Media as recommended MODX developer

Grey Sky Media is a web development firm based just outside Sacramento. They are at least as skilled with MODX as I am and are a great choice if you are looking for a replacement MODX specialist.

Other replacement web developers

  • Michael Snow from Snow Creative (in Boston) is a graphic designer and MODX professional with very reasonable rates.
  • You can check out the MODX Professionals directory for a list of web developers around the world specializing in MODX.
  • If you cannot afford a specialist, just find anyone who can hand-code HTML and CSS (and preferably PHP, for advanced customizations) and give them my contact information. I will provide them with links to MODX documentation and tutorials that they can read to understand the structure of your website.