My name is Oleg. Welcome to my website!

Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

Picture of Oleg, the Website Zen web designer.

I am a freelance web developer and programmer located by Vallejo, CA, specializing in custom PHP/ MySQL websites, e-commerce, and the MODx application framework.

I primarily develop custom MODX Revolution websites or troubleshoot and expand existing MODX websites; e-commerce is my other strength. Please take a look at my portfolio and visit some of my clients' awesome websites, or send me a note!

About me

I am having the time of my life developing websites, which I have been doing as a freelancer since 2009. I have always loved computers, but working for years on a single software project naver appealed to me. Freelancing allows me to handle a variety of projects from start to finish, and I only wish I had thought of it sooner! 

To make a good thing better, MODX is so flexible and reusable, most of the tedious work required of web developers is eliminated. MODX really makes each website a pleasure to work with, both for me and for my clients. 

What else? Well, I'm 37 and Russian (but raised in California). I recently moved up to North California from the Los Angeles area, and I went to school in Riverside, CA. I also look a lot younger than I am, and everyone assures me I will appreciate this in the future. 


Why this domain name? Well, besides how lucky I was to get this domain name, "Website Zen" is also a great way of saying, "websites should be easy and made well". I make all of my websites easy to manage, compliant to the latest standards, cross-browser tested, accessible, with clean, hand-written code, and otherwise just made right. And I do all of this as standard, without having to be asked and without extra charges is also an easy domain for my clients to remember and spell—unlike, say, my last name. 

Why is your website so "plain"?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I designed my website to be "plain" (I prefer minimalist) on purpose. The simple design emphasizes my clients' websites and makes the resources available for my current and future clients easier to use. Also, because my focus is more on back-end development than front-end design, I feel that a clean, simple look matching my simple logo is more appropriate. 

About freelancing

Where to begin? There are so many reasons why many companies prefer hiring freelancers: you save time and money, get better results, and never get the runaround.

Hiring a freelancer means:

  • One designer knows every aspect of your project, from design to marketing.
  • Questions are answered quickly due to increased familiarity with your project.
  • Websites and branding design stays consistent, presenting a unified image.