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Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

Current Clients: If you have a question or problem, please call or email me (see my contact page if you lost my info). You may also log in above to create or view support tickets, view and pay invoices, and view project progress.

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One Year Glitch Warranty

All of my work comes with a one-year glitch warranty, starting from the "completion date" of the work. If something doesn't look right or isn't working with your site, please tell me the browser name and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 7) that you were using when the glitch appeared and how to re-create the glitch, and I will fix it for you at no extra cost.

How to determine your browser version: In the main menu of your browser, find the "Help" menu. In the help menu, choose the "About" option (such as "About Internet Explorer" or simply "About"). Most browsers will include their name and version number in their "About" pop-up.

Limitations to the glitch warranty:

  • Third-party elements: I will always cover serious bugs that interfere with the front-end performance or display of the website under the glitch warranty (if they are caused by a third-party component I installed). However, all other third-party bugs must be fixed through version updates or patches when they are released by the element's maintainers and are considered site upgrades or maintenance. 
  • Interference: If you or someone else edits the source code (CSS, HTML, PHP, etc...) of the website in a way that has contributed to the glitch or makes the glitch harder to fix, the glitch may not be covered, and I may give you a quote for the repair instead. Similarly, glitches caused by problems with your third-party hosting, hackers, or other dependent third-party services may not be covered. 
  • Revisions: Requested changes in appearance or functionality that were not listed in the final review are revisions, not glitch repairs.