Instructional Videos for MODx Revolution Web Design Clients and Content Editors

Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

Here are some excellent client instructional videos for the new MODx Revolution manager. These were put out on YouTube by a web design company in Canada. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I have collected them here for your reference.

Update Jan 06, 2013: I have also written a MODX Revolution client reference document for clients who prefer a non-video format.

Clients with websites running the older MODx Evolution manager: please refer to the MODx Evolution Client Tutorial.

Flash is required. There are twelve videos in the playlist on the right. Full-screen button and playlist search is available in the player below. Or view these videos directly on YouTube.