Hosting Features

Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

To make life easier for both me and my clients, I offer low-cost, high-quality web hosting exclusively for my web develoment clients. 

Main advantages of using my hosting for your site:
  • The price includes my time spent in configuration and support of the hosting server (although it does not include changes to or maintenance of your websites or any other software you put on the account)
  • As your web developer, I know more about your website and its hosting needs than anyone else. And I make sure the server configuration meets those needs.
  • I use the same hosting during development while building and testing new websites, so your site is already installed on its hosting account when it is finished.
  • I have full access to the server settings, allowing me to optimize the hosting environment for your website without any restrictions or wait time.
  • I provide free hosting support and handle most hosting-related issues, eliminating long hours on hold with support staff or extra charges due to problems and bugs with the hosting server that I need to resolve
  • You may host additional addon, parked, and subdomains on the same account, as long as they stay within the disk space and bandwidth limits.

The main disadvantages of using my hosting is that I can give less disk space and bandwidth per account than many larger hosting providers.

The allowed disk space is 2 GB, and the allowed bandwidth is 200 GB per month. This is more than enough for almost all small to medium business websites, especially if you follow these tips:

  • If you have more than a few hundred media files or if you have unusually large files, such as high-resolution videos, images, and PDFs, I recommend using a CDN or a file storage service such as Amazon S3 to host all of your media files. Even if you switch to a hosting account with enough space, keeping your large media files separate from your website makes transfers and backups much quicker and easier to manage.
  • I recommend using a business email provider such as Zoho Mail (free), Google Apps ($5/user/month) or Rackspace Mail ($2/user/month). These providers are generally more reliable, have better tools, and give you more space than the usual shared hosting account. Google Apps is my favorite, but it is also the most expensive. 

What is hosting?

Your website is an application (or part of an application) that must run on a computer. The web hosting server is essentially a special computer or group of computers that your website is stored in and processed by. Read more about hosting.

What other options do I have for hosting?

You don't have to stay with my hosting. There are many managed shared hosting providers; I have heard good things about hostwithlovemightweb, siteground, stablehost, and mddhosting. (Note: I no longer recommend Hostgator, as their customer support quality seems to have deteriorated over the last couple of years.)

If you want a VPS or just want fewer restrictions, KnownHost and LiquidWeb are the managed VPS providers I have had good experience with. 

Managing your hosting

Clients who are hosting their website on my servers get a full featured hosting control panel (CPanel). This is not to be confused with your website control panel, which varies depending on which sofware powers your site (MODX, OpenCart, etc...). I will send you information on accessing both your hosting control panel and your website content editor after I finish your website. 

Included Features

The following services are included automatically with every hosting account.


  • Latest cPanel Control Panel with user permissions and multiple language options
  • Backup and restore your databases, files, email filters, and email forwarders (go to files --> backup)
  • Basic visitor and usage statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs (use Google Analytics for advanced visitor statistics) 

File Management

  • Quickly download backups of your database or files (Files --> Backup)
  • Graphical file manager
  • SFTP access to the home directory, with ability to create additional FTP accounts (secured using SSL)
  • Shell access available on request (disabled by default for security reasons)
  • Tools such as image resizer, password protect directories, disk usage viewer


  • Email Forwarders/ Aliases, Autoresponders, Filters, and Domain Aliases
  • Email accounts with POP3, IMAP, and SMTP (access mail using an external mail client, such as Outlook, Gmail, or Thunderbird)
    • Important: Unless requested otherwise, mail is auto-deleted from the server after a certain number of days, so please make sure you keep copies of the mail elsewhere. 
  • WebMail Access: Choose from Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube
  • Basic spam prevention using SpamAssassin and Greylisting
  • MX record editor (if you use my nameservers) 

Note: Although most shared hosting supports email, I recommend you use a business email service such as Zoho Mail, Rackspace Webmail, or Google Apps, which are much more reliable and give you more archive space. If you do decide to keep your email on a shared server, make sure you use POP3 or forwarding to keep copies of the mail elsewhere. 


  • Create addon domains, parked domains, sub-domains, and redirects
  • DNS editor (if you use my nameservers)
  • ClamAV virus scanning
  • Technical: apache configuration, SSL manager, security configuration

Databases and Software

  • MySQL database manager
  • phpMyAdmin: graphical user interface for browsing and editing databases
  • Site Publisher: a simple website creator
  • Softaculous: Automatic setup of Shopping Carts, Blogs, Portals, Forums, Counters, Formmail, CMS, etc..
    • Warning: Softaculous automatically installs and updates software without configuring sites for security or future customization. Softaculous use should be limited to testing sites, demo sites, or sites where security or future expansion are not an issue. 
  • Accounts come configured for PHP5 and MySQL only, but custom programming languages and tools may be installed on request


  • Free hosting setup and support from me, the person most familiar with the needs of your website.

Hosting Terms and Policies

Hosting policies and terms are available here.

Current pricing

Hosting Prices
Basic shared hosting (includes hosting support) $55/ year
Add private IP $12/ year
Hosting support for a third-party account (approved providers only) $55/ year