Hosting Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

The use of hosting services from, [hereafter referred to as "Website Zen", "I", or "we"] constitutes agreement to these terms.

As a convenience, I offer low-cost, shared, managed hosting exclusively for my web development clients. The hosting is optimized for the websites I build and saves me and my clients a lot of time by having the person who built the websites configure and manage the hosting account as well. 

I use my best effort to keep the hosting reliable, fast, and secure, but I do not offer any guarantees. If you run into any problems or have any concerns, please let me know right away, and I will either work with you to resolve them or help you find another hosting provider that would better fit your needs. 

Bandwidth and Storage Space

Hosting accounts are limited in bandwidth and disk space. If your website gets an unusually large amount of traffic, constantly serves large, unoptimized files, somehow exceeds the alloted bandwidt, or uses an unfair portion of shared resources, you may be asked to either optimize your site, upgrade to a higher hosting plan, or move to another provider. These limits allow me to keep the hosting cost low without compromising quality of service. 

Emails stored on the server may be automatically deleted after as little as 30 days. This prevents data loss caused by quota limits reached. If you decide to use my hosting for email, make sure you either forward a copy of all mail to an external email account or use setup an email client such as GMail or Outlook to automatically download mail using POP3.

Management and Liability

While I usually handle all of the work of optimizing and managing your hosting, I provide you with a username and password to manage your hosting account. You have complete access to an easy-to-use hosting control panel and have full control over the content and activity taking place on your hosting. Because of this, you are completely responsible for any content that might go onto your hosting account, even if it was placed there by a third party due to stolen passwords or hacked accounts. To reduce the risk of this, please do not share your CPanel password with anyone, create sub-user accounts as appropriate if you want to delegate out management tasks, and institute a company security policy.

  • As a courtesy and at my discretion, I will refund your hosting fees up to the actual amount paid for hosting up to a year (and not for any other services) if there is a problem with your hosting account that cannot be resolved. However, I do not offer any other guarantees with my hosting, and I cannot be held liable for any amount other than for the total amount you paid for your hosting up to a year in the past.
  • No hosting account can be 100% secure or fail-proof. Please make regular backups of your website. An easy-to-use backup interface is provided with your hosting control panel.
  • While I take security precautions, unless I otherwise inform you, my hosting and websites are not configured for security-sensitive applications. Examples of security-sensitive applications include but are not limited to medical information, credit card information, and other private data. If you have a sensitive application, however, I can help you find a security company to help you implement proper safeguards. PCI compliance, for example, is a process that I help you achieve by working with a security testing company that runs security tests against your website.

Other Terms of Service

My upstream provider is KnownHost, so you must also abide by their Acceptible Use Policy and not cause me to voilate the KnownHost Terms of Service.

I reserver the right to revise these terms at any time.