MODX Training

Please note: I have shifted my focus to Python/ Linux/ embedded development and am no longer accepting MODX or PHP projects. For MODX work, I recommend Grey Sky Media.

I offer client, designer, and developer MODX training, both in person and remotely.

Site owners and content editors: MODX makes it easy for non-technical users to add, edit, and manage the pages on their website. MODX permissions allow fine control over who can edit which content, and MODX provides advanced publishing tools such as versioning and rich-text editing in a selection of extras.

Front-end DesignersMODX has one of the easiest and most flexible HTML templating systems available. MODX templating is easy to learn and results in markup that is as clean and custom as a hand-coded text file. Designers can control every aspect of the design without touching a single line of PHP code.

PHP DevelopersThe MODX snippet, plugin, and ORM system allows you to write a PHP script once and use it on hundreds of MODX sites. Hacking the core is completely unnecessary, resulting in a clean upgrade path.

Support: If your MODX developer is no longer available, I also offer support and maintenance plans for existing MODX websites.

Contact me to get started, or take a look at my free resources for content editors and developers.